Beware of JAWS and Rabid Harry Potter Fans

Hello blog world. Lovely to see you all again.

As many of you may have noticed (I appreciated one reader checking in with me via email to make sure I was alive and breathing) I have been quite absent for the last week.

It wasn’t you. It was me.
No, we’re not breaking up.


Blake and I cruised off to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure for the week. As cool as Spiderman, the gorgeous weather, and eating out every night was, it was seriously even more amazing to just unplug and enjoy each other’s company. It was so relaxing knowing that the only reasons we had to wake up early were to beat the morning rush to the pool or to catch the early bus to Universal so we could take advantage of the early park admission that came with our hotel reservation.

Sometimes when you’re working hard, you forget to take care of yourself, to take care of each other, to take care of your relationship.

Blake and I are extremely happy, on most days. I mean we’re human, of course, so naturally I get grouchy when he leaves clothes on the bathroom floor and he gets grouchy when I leave the milk out after I make my tea. All things considered, we are good communicators.

We are also badass problem solvers.

“Can you take the garbage out?”
“You take it out!”
“Rock, paper, scissors?”
“Let’s do this.”
“Winning! Boom. Now take out the garbage.”

Of course in this scenario, I won RPS and Blake takes the garbage out.
Victory at its finest.

Truth is, it doesn’t matter how well you communicate, or how much you love each other, or how many times in a row you’ve won rock/paper/scissors, we all need a break. Some people vacation on fancy cruise ships dancing the night away to livin la vida loca while holding fancy drinks.

Blake and I prefer to act like children, posing with humans dressed as fictional movie characters, imagining how cool it would be to have super powers, all the while genuinely fearing Harry Potter fanatics. For real. Wands are weapons, folks.

No complaints.

Our excitement when we spotted these humans dressed as minions was ridiculous, childish, and utterly amazing.

Note the excitement and enthusiasm on Blake’s face. His attempt at convincing me that the big, scary shark wasn’t ACTUALLY going to eat me.

Note the LACK of excitement and enthusiasm on my face upon hearing that Blake wanted ME to replicate HIS excitement and enthusiasm about sticking my head in the giant, plastic, upside-down, terrifying creature. ABSOLUTELY not.

All sorts of international.

Day 2, Harry Potter World. This is where my fear of all Harry Potter fanatics officially begins.

Seriously, yo. Harry Potter fans. CRAZY. Aside from somebody almost impaling my chest with a plastic wand, it’s safe to say we had a fantastic week away in fantasy land. Returning to “real life” was not a smooth transition. My real sunglasses are significantly less cool than the 3D glasses I wore on the Spiderman ride, I have to abide by a 35 mph speed limit on my way to work as opposed to the 70mph Hulk roller coaster, and today it’s 58 and rainy instead of 90 and sunny.

But hey, at least I didn’t have to go on the JAWS ride, because it no longer exists. SUCCESS!

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12 thoughts on “Beware of JAWS and Rabid Harry Potter Fans

  1. Haha! How funny, we do the rock, paper scissors game too! My boyfriend has the worst luck with that game, he rarely ever wins! That’s probably the only game I’m pretty consistent at beating him at ;) Looks like you two had a great trip! I love Universal, but I haven’t been there in ages! I can’t believe the Jaws ride is gone!!

    xo Kayla

    • We DID have a great time Kayla! I think Blake would have physically forced me on the ride had it still been there. They got rid of King Kong also, which I was actually kind of bummed about, but there are some new really cool rides.

      And rock, paper, scissors for LIFE!

  2. The rock, paper scissors game is going to be my solution to every fight over chores when I move in with the boyfriend. Looks like you guys had a great time! I’m so jealous you went to Harry Potter world. I haven’t been yet, but you’d probably be scared of me since I’m a bit of a fanatic. :)

  3. Looks amazing!! I want to go to HP world…but I can’t get over my fear of HP fans. You’ve only confirmed them.

    Also, we definitely use RPS to solve disputes. It’s something every couple should have in their tool bag.

  4. Nice photos!
    I went there last summer and I chickened out at that big rollercoaster in your photo (Rip Ride Rock It, or whatever it’s called. I wasn’t paying attention to the name, just the really tall part down!). I always liked to go on the Spiderman one and the JAWS ride, although my mum *always* screamed during it, even when she knew it was fake.
    And I love the minions – they are so cool! :D Words do not describe how much I worship them… :$ Oh dear, oh dear, Hannah! Haha.

    ~Hannah xx

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