BASICALLY, I’m Captain Planet.

On Wednesday, I took a trip back to New York. This time, I knew I would have to stay overnight, so Blake insisted on coming in fear that I’d get abducted volunteered to come with me. We’re in our twenties, live on our own, and are overall pretty self sufficient. We are “comfortable” financially, which means, between the two of us, we aren’t ever living pay check to pay check. I have to give us credit, because for the most part, we’re pretty budget conscious. After saving for months, we have been able to splurge a little extra money on a five day vacation in Florida, because, well, we deserve it.

I found out I’d be returning to NYC on Wednesday, and finding a place to stay that didn’t require Blake and I selling our vital organs to be able to afford a single night was a scramble. I tried coercing Blake into selling a kidney. I mean, you REALLY only need one. He wasn’t having it.

Seriously, New York City hotels are other worldly in that they are so expensive, that I’d have to consider not grocery shopping and power walking 18 miles to and from work every day to avoid spending money on gasoline. Last Christmas, we stayed at a lavish hotel on Broadway, but it was a Christmas present. Even the basic hotels that aren’t ritzy are absurdly priced. Blake and I had no other choice but to put our magic rings together and summon the great powers of the universe. (Similar to captain planet, except, we’re not saving the earth. We also don’t have magic rings. I also don’t have green hair. This analogy is quickly dissipating).

We did, however, combine our seasoned experiences to find the cheapest alternate option. Blake and I are veterans when it comes to traveling with as little, and for as little, as humanly possible. We are experienced public transport riders, weathered trip packers, and practically old timers when it comes to tracking down hostels that offer clean towels and don’t make you feel like you’re in the middle of a horror movie.

We checked into our hostel and grabbed a bite to eat on Amsterdam Street. Let me preface this by saying that I was slightly devastated that I did not get to watch the season finale of American Idol. I am not really a television series kind of person (except F-R-I-E-N-D-S, boo ya!). I don’t really get into the whole “watching the same show, on the same day, at the same time, every week” thing. This was the first time IN MY LIFE that I’ve watched American Idol all the way through, and it’s only because I watched the auditions and instantly made the prediction that Phil Phillips would win based on his acoustic audition of “Thriller.”

Of course I guessed correctly, like a boss.
And Phil Phillips won, like a boss.
Good work Phil, I couldn’t have done it without you.
I’d like to thank my boyfriend for guessing incorrectly, Jessica Sanchez for not winning, my mom for birthing me….Oh wait? I DON’T get to make a speech? Right. Never mind.

Much to my dismay, American Idol was NOT playing in the bar because the Ranger’s game was on, but you know what WAS playing? The Celtics Game. Can I just declare what a glorious moment it is when you are the only Boston fan sitting in a bar full of New York fans?

After a round of baked lobster mac n’ cheese, fish and chips, French fries, and two beers, we decided to head back to the hostel.

By the way, all of that food was JUST my order.
Blake had a salad.


Once we were back at the hostel, I hopped in bed and obsessively refreshed the #AmericanIdol search on twitter until the winner was announced and I could finally rest peacefully again. This is when things turned CRAY.

Before falling asleep I made sure to plug my iPhone into the charger. There was a conveniently located outlet just below my bed. I plugged in my phone, popped my headphones in and dozed off dreamily listening to Mumford and Sons somewhere between 11:00-12:00. For the next few hours, Blake snored like rolling thunder (hi babe!) and I tossed and turned restlessly, in and out of sleep. Around 3am our hostel door opened. Two hostel employees had used their master key card to enter our room. One of them held a backpack filled to the brim with brightly lit devices. The other spoke in a hushed tone.

“Just get the cell phone, and don’t wake anyone up!”

And that was the last thing I heard. Around 6:00 in the morning, I woke up again tangled in my sheets. I looked to my left, and my cell phone had unmistakably been removed from the charger. Blake may or may not have been still snoring. Did the hostel staff steal my cell phone? They totally did. Right? They used a master key card, crept into our room, left my wallet, my credit card, and purse alone, tip toed over to our hostel/college dorm style bunk beds, stole my phone, shoved it into the backpack with the other lit up devices, and left swiftly and stealthily into the night.

Not at all ridiculous.

Blake’s alarm went off at 7am and I sat up, more confused than ever.
After rummaging through my pillows and sheets, I found my iPhone, all the way at the foot of the bed under the blankets.

Which could only mean one of two things.

The hostel staff CLEARLY felt guilty about stealing my iPhone, returned to the scene of the crime when I drifted back off, and put it inconspicuously at the end of my bed so I would think that I kicked it down there in my sleep.

Or, I had a very strange dream.

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13 thoughts on “BASICALLY, I’m Captain Planet.

  1. Well, that’s an interesting thing to have happen… or not happen… or whatever. I think at any rate, I’d be sketched out to stay there again.

    Also, next time you’re in the city hit me up and we’ll go get coffee or beers or something. :)

    • Hahaha I promise I was just being extremely sarcastic and elaborate. It was totally just a dream, but it felt very real at the time. Blake and I actually deadbolted the door before going to sleep. We keep it safe.

  2. Maybe they just REALLY needed to play angry birds…. or draw something… or whatever app is cool these days. I am app illiterate (when it comes to games at least. I have no patience).

  3. I think I stayed at that hostel when I visited New York when I was in college! I’m actually in NYC right now- on vacation for the weekend, and I’m staying in a budget hotel called Hotel 17. Very reasonably priced- you might want to check it out if you come here again!

    • I refrained from using the hostel’s name in fear that they would chase me down and force me to retract my questionable accusations…I’ll be sure to check out Hotel 17 next time!

    • Thank you! It was one of those dreams where I woke up and I was like “YO, SERIOUSLY, SOMEONE STOLE MY IPHONE…oh…it’s at the end of my bed…errr…never mind…”

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