Introducing 8tracks Monday With DJ ____________?

I’ve been evaluating lately what I my readers seem to respond most to.

I promise this isn’t a self fulfilling prophecy, I really do want to make sure that I’m staying true to writing about what I love, WHILE keeping in mind what it is that you all enjoy reading about. I mean, I could write an entire blog about how much sharks freak me out, but I GUESS it would become monotonous and repetitive.

SPEAKING of my incessant fear of all things shark-toothy, DID I TELL YOU GUYS!?

They closed the Jaws ride at Universal Studios.

Blake and I will be going to Florida on vacation, and I cannot tell you how elated I am. He was definitely going to figure out a way to get me to go on that ride, and let me tell you, it would have been a lot less “I’ll pay you ten dollars” and a lot more…restraining me, picking me up, and physically carrying me on the ride.

I’m bummed though. The “Back to the Future” ride is also gone. A classic movie, and a classic ride. If the new generations can’t find some way to connect to Back to the Future, then I am unsure exactly what this world is coming to.

So in between writing for LA Family Magazine, work, and traveling to NYC, I have been doing a lot of brainstorming. Handy dandy google analytics/wordpress stats tell me that my posts about music always seem to gain a lot of traffic, comments, and overall merriment. What has me EVEN MORE excited than stats, is the fact that some of you have picked up on my seemingly unhealthy obsession with listening to, writing about, and eating music. Some of you have even taken it upon yourselves to SHARE music with me.


So because I use 8tracks, and because you fine folks seem to respond to my music posts, I’ve decided to incorporate 8tracks into my blog more! If you’re not sure what 8tracks is, let me explain. 8tracks is a wonderful music sharing website, where people create their own mixes and share them within the 8tracks community. What’s great about this, is when you create a mix, you have to include the artist, the album title, and the year, so you can see exactly where the music is coming from. You can search artists and songs, OR if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also search emotions, feelings, moods, etc.

For example, when I’m cleaning my apartment, I usually search “Old School Jams,” in hopes that 8tracks will give me something with Salt N Pepa.

Here’s how this is going to work:

See all of those pretty different colored buttons on my sidebar below the follow button? Let me break them down for you.

-The twitter button will bring you to my twitter page, where you can indulge in my sarcastic little insights about life, NBA rants, social media retweets, and occasional songs. Follow me. Do it. I dare ya.
-The email button will open YOUR email, so that you can send ME an email. Wham-bam-thankyou-ma’am. My email can also be found in the contact section in the menu above.  My emails usually range from guest post proposals, brands and giveaway inquiries, questions, and general hellos (which I love more than anything else). If you feel the urge to send me any of those, go right ahead!
-The Pinterest button will of course bring you to my pinterest page, where you’ll find words that I like, organic living recipes and tips, and a Pinboard for my someday wedding that would probably give Blake a heart attack.
-The Webstagram button will bring you to where all of my Instagram pictures are stored. I’m attempting to partake in the May Photo A Day, though at the moment I’m failing miserably.

AND LAST, which is the entire reason for this post:
-The 8tracks button

Originally, that button brought you to my personal 8tracks, which Blake and I used to send each other music when we were living on different planets in different countries. I decided that making a Findingravity 8tracks page would be more useful and interactive for all of my readers. I’ve thought about introducing “8tracks Music Monday” but I’m not sure if that Alliteration sounds cheesy. I’m also not sure if I want to stick to Mondays. For now, we’ll go with Mondays because I feel like new music is a great way to start the week.

Here’s the idea.

8tracks Monday is going to be a way for me to share music with you. I’m going to create and then post a weekly mix on Mondays, of the music that I’ve been listening to. Here’s where you come in! I’ll also be taking suggestions and requests, so if you feel like giving me a heads up about the new Justin Beiber a sweet song you heard, follow me on twitter and shout out your recent brilliant musical discoveries. Some weeks will have a theme, and some weeks will be completely random. Either way, I’ll be asking for your input in Twitter.

Just think of me like a DJ, and picture me hunched over my computer with one end of an obnoxiously large set of headphones pressed to my ears.

*Scratch Scratch* *Wikka Wikka*

I’d also appreciate if somebody came up with a rad DJ name for me.

This weeks mix is a compilation of music that has been inspiring me lately. It is music that I’ve listened to on my iPod while photographing or music that I’ve discovered while writing. I’m very excited to share this mix with you this week, and I’m excited to create more mixes to share with you. Considering I listen to music while I do just about everything in my life, I have a plethora of amazing music stacked up in my brain.

Once I have more mixes created, you’ll be able to access all of them from my Findingravity profile page by clicking the 8tracks button on my sidebar. That way, if there is a particular mix that you really loved, you’ll be able to find it without having to backlog through my entire blog.

For now, click the 8 tracks link here and it will bring you directly to the mix. From there, all you have to do is click play.

Don’t forget to find me on Twitter so you can shout out to me if you’ve found music worth sharing with the rest of our blogging community.

Enjoy, Peeps! Happy listening. Rock on.


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10 thoughts on “Introducing 8tracks Monday With DJ ____________?

  1. Very excited about 8Track Music Mondays! I am listening right now!
    Check out my blog for Tuesday’s Tunes! A short list of songs and links that I am into that week ;)

    • Tuesday Tunes!? YOUR NAME IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MINE!! *shakes fist* I will check it out for sure! If there is ever a song you think belongs in a mix, just let me know!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your music with the world! I really enjoy it every time you post about your music, and now I’ll get to hear a mix every monday! The music you listen to is beautiful, and has meaning. Not to mention, you have so much emotion invested in the music you listen to. I enjoy both your writing and your music so much, so I guess, thank you for talking!

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